2018 TOUR DATES: DBN 31 AUG - 1 SEP, CT 28 - 29 SEP, PTA 2 - 3 NOV

Private Event

Take Bierfest from ze Brauhaus to your Haus!

Book your own private Bierfest

Ze only thing better than going to a TOPS at SPAR Bierfest with your buddies or favourite clients – is having your very own Bierfest party for just you und your favourite clients und buddies!

Due to demand for Bierfest-themed parties throughout the year, the organisers are able to arrange a mini-Bierfest just for you, according to your specifications and requirements, with all the trappings of a regular full-size Bierfest!

Any where, anytime, let us bring all the magic of Bierfest to your doorstep.

A typical Bierfest mini-event includes:

  • Area set-up in the style and decor of the Bierfest Brauhaus!
  • Bierfest’s actual “Mayor of Munich” – Klaus von Uber Huber – in person as emcee.
  • Choice of live cover band or oompah band (or both!)
  • Gorgeous frauleins to serve ze bier (of course).
  • Fun costume dress-up items for everybody.

Plus a range of optional extras to enhance ze Bierfest experience…

To find out more or to send us your ideal Bierfest event plans, fill in the handy form below and we will get right back to you with some fun!

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