2018 TOUR DATES: DBN 31 AUG - 1 SEP, CT 28 - 29 SEP, PTA 2 - 3 NOV


Ve vill answer ze questions!

Satisfactory answers are Germandatory!

Klaus’ mamma always used to say zat “Great events require great attention to detail!”. With zis  in mind, we endeavour to make your Bierfest experience ze most fun you can have on a day out in ze company of good friends, wunderbar weather, fine food, frolicking frauleins und of course – great bier!

If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please feel free to e-mail us your query to info@bierfest.co.za, or you call our dedicated hotline number 021-824-3132 or contact us through our facebook page or drop us ze tweet on ze Twitter feed @sabierfest!

*Nein = No / JA=Yes


Can we reserve a table of 5 at Bierfest?

Nein. Tables can only be reserved in groupings of SIX. There is an unreserved seating section where you can figure out your own seating arrangements on a first-come, first-served basis. Plan to get there early if this option takes your fancy.

If I book an unreserved standard or “über ticket”, then where do I sit?

We provide enough seating for everyone. However, if you do not specifically book a table, you will be sitting in the unreserved area of the Brauhaus. You might well have to share your table with complete strangers (think of it as an opportunity to make some new life-long friends! Prost!)

OK, so I have booked tables for 29 people (ja, I am that popular!).  2 tables of 12 table and 5 extra, you know, “just-in case”. Does this mean I will have 2 tables of 12 positioned next to each other?

JA! IF you booked them all at ze same time, ze seats will run concurrently. But if you book more tables after your initial booking, we cannot guarantee they will be next to each other as space fills up. (Think of it like booking movie tickets!)

There are two sessions of Bierfest on Saturday. We have purchased tickets for the early session. Will we be able to stay for the later session?

Nein. You will need to buy another ticket valid for the evening session. Tickets can be bought at ze door! (IF the event has not already been sold out by that time. Check ze facebook und ze Twitter for updates!)

Do I have to pre-book tickets to Bierfest online? Or can I just buy them at the door on the day?

JA. You will be able to purchase tickets at ze door on ze day, provided ze event isn’t already sold out! (As happens). And also if you don’t mind standing in long queues. Cash und cards are acceptable forms of payment for tickets at ze gate.

 I’m having my bachelor party / hen party at Bierfest! Do I get a group discount?

Nein. Unfortunately not meine Damen und Herren. But consider your ticket money well spent on a night you won’t soon forget (even after the big wedding day!)
OR see our special party packages page to arrange something extra special for you und your party pals!

It’s my birthday! Can I come in for free?

Nein. Unfortunately not (but we might get you up on stage and get everyone to sing you Happy Birthday tho!)
See our special party packages page if you would like to bring your special occasion to Bierfest however….

Actually,  I am celebrating a special occasion. Can I bring my party down to Bierfest?

Ja! We have special party packages available to suit all party descriptions! Whether it’s an engagement, a divorce, or grandpappa’s 99th birthday – trust Bierfest to make it an occasion to remember! See our Party Packages Page for more info ja! Fill in ze form and tell us what you need! Heidi will be in touch 😉


Can we bring the kids? (Our babysitter’s also going to Bierfest)

Nein. Unfortunately not, Bierfest is strictly for ze over-1Nein.

The daschund is ze international dog of Bierfest! Can I bring my daschund to Bierfest?

Nein. Dogs shouldn’t drink bier so leave Schnapsie at home. (No dogs allowed.)



 Can we bring our own picnic basket to Bierfest?

Nein. Bierfest offers you a menu of great traditional German delicacies; starter platters, snacks und main course meals (some would say; ze best German cuisine this side of Bavaria!)

I like to know my food will arrive shortly after I do, and I don’t want to stand in a queue either!

Ja! We feel you on zis one, that is why we have created pre-bookable food platters! These offer Bierfestarians a range of yummy platter options that will feed your whole table (each platter feeds 6 people). There are in fact 4 platter options to suit all tummy sizes and satisfy even ze most fussy eaters! Check out ze platter options here und be sure to pre-book yours today, because life is too short und bier gets warm when you have to stand in a queue!

German food is rich in meat dishes. I’m a vegetarian. Will there be anything for me to eat?

JA! We do have non-meat dish options available which we are certain you will find quite pleasing to ze palate.


Can I buy spirits at Bierfest, or is there only Bier available?

Nein. Altho we are a B-i-e-r-fest, what vould a Bavarian party be without ze Jägermeister, ze schnapps, ze fruit ciders und ze cold-drinks? There will also be red and white wines.

What does “Prost!” mean?

“Prost!” is ze German for “Cheers!” und means “to your health!” It is considered good form to utter zis hearty salutation around ze room every time a new round of beers is placed upon your table or at ze end of every song ze oompah band plays.

What Does a Bier Cost at Bierfest

* Biers cost R30 (1 crown) for a 500ml stein und 2 Crowns (R60) for a 1 litre stein *


Can I pay for my drinks with rands/ Zim dollars/ euros, clam shells or French rupees?

Nein. Ze only currency valid at Bierfest is ze Bierfest Crown, which you buy at ze event using your hard-earned SA Rands! 1 Crown = R30.

Can I buy Bierfest Crowns at the event?

JA! Look out for ze Crown exchange office at each event and also ze balloon-wearing Crown Sellers walking around ze Bierhall during ze events. They will happily exchange your rands for bier-worthy Crowns. It’s R30 for a 500ml stein Und R60 for a 1 litre stein *

What’s the rand exchange rate of a Bierfest Crown?

It’s favourable! 1 Bierfest Crown in 2015 = R30 Rand. (1BFC=R30). (Sorry, your Crowns aren’t valid anywhere else in the world outside of ze Bierfest Brauhaus.) Note that all Crowns are non-refundable.

I have a few leftover Crowns. Can I convert them back into SA rands before I head home?

Nein. Unfortunately not. All Crowns are non-refundable. Use your leftovers to pick up a piece of Bierfest memorabilia or merchandise from ze official Bierfest merchandise stand.

(Bierfest Crowns make excellent souvenirs, tiddlywinks pieces and novelty jewellery items. And can also be used to stabilise a wobbly table leg)!

Is there a dress code?

JA! You’ll have more fun if you dress ze part (trust us!), plus there are prizes for ze best dressed at each event! Think lederhosen (him) and dirndls (her), blonde pigtails (both!). If you don’t come dressed up, never fear, you can purchase dress-up items from ze merch guy at the event itself or you can hire authentic Bierfest costumes from these fine places:

Scalliwags (JHB)

Masquerade Costume Hire (JHB)

Mardi Gras (CT)

Theatreland (CT)

Fantasia (DBN)


I plan to have a few biers at Bierfest and therefore don’t want to drive. What are my options?

We are so glad you asked! Bierfest supports responsible consumption and has its very own anti-drunk driving campaign in place called #DrinkSmart. #KnowYourLimits

We also have special special deals in place with registered taxi companies Und Good Fellas are always on hand to help, with free event service for Bierfest attendees! Prost!


My group of friends like to “pre-game” hard before we go out. You welcome people arriving “in the spirit” at Bierfest, right?

Nein. We have ze right to refuse entry to anyone who looks like they might be a handful later on or who generally disrupts ze peaceful Bierfest vibe. Zis also goes for during ze event. Drink Responsibly und Know Your Limits. Arriving sober is your best bet, always. (Imagine it’s your wedding day). If in doubt, #DrinkSmart

I’m the designated driver / I don’t drink. Will I still be entertained at Bierfest?

JA! Not only will you be entertained (live music, alcohol-free bies, great food, and people drinking are always entertaining!), you will also be rewarded! Our Designated Driver Rewards Programme rewards those who leave Bierfest with 0.0% alcohol volume (subject to a breathalyser test).

I am a 1-man band / am a DJ / juggle chainsaws. Please can I play at Bierfest?

Nein. As an authentic Bavarian Bierfest, our entertainment consists of 1x world famous oompah band, 1 xx world famous rocking covers band, our frauleins und our emcee – Mayor Klaus von Tipplestein. (And all ze people at ze event, they sing pretty good too!)

Can I buy / marry / take-home a Fraulein?

Nein. You may not buy our frauleins (slavery was outlawed yonks ago), und you may only take home a fraulein if you arrived there with her. You may however show your appreciation for her excellent service by ensuring you leave a decent tip (rands accepted).

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Depends on how much bier the woodchuck had consumed up until that point. (Otherwise, if you do know, let us know! @SABierfest)

I had a GlamCam picture taken at the event. Will I be able to see it on Facebook?

JA! We will upload all the GlamCam photos taken at the end of each session to our official SABierfest facebook page. Tag away!