2017 TOUR DATES: DBN 29 - 30 SEP, CT 3 - 4 NOV

Germoney – Buy Bierfest Crowns

Get official Bierfest currency- ‘ze Crown’ - on-line

Germoney – Buy Bierfest Crowns

Ze Crown is ze official currency of Bierfest. All purchases at Bierfest are made using “crowns”. Crowns are available in denominations of R35 and purchased in packs of 5 (value R175), VAT Inclusive. Crowns are non-refundable.


Zis crown gets you your wunderbar Bierfest bier, food, fancy dress und ze party going. Mit uber prizes to be won und dress-up German gear to be worn, get on down und join ze German party mit tradition und a touch of Klaus.


Buy your crowns for:

Durban Cape Town


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